A mock (school) project from late November 2022. Scroll down 
for more information.
The campaign in a mockup. Square 1080x1080 px for Instagram.The meaning is to make people
feel warm when they eat the sauce, a burning, flaming feeling.
It's so spicy it will warm you up.

A simple animation for the instagram post/campaign. On instagram it loops so you can play it
forever (if you want to), the fire crackling sound should also loop.
A mock the (school) project/assignment from late November 2022. The brief was to help the brand "Bite the Bullet" (made up brand) to start up their business, hot sauces. We had to create a logotype, two labels/products for sauces and one instagram post/campaign. I decided to do a little more than what was mandatory, so I made a color palette and a pattern for the brand.
Company name: Bite the Bullet
Sauce names and scoville: Evil Eye, chili sauce (200 000 shu),
Eatin' Dust, garlic and chili sauce (1 000 000 shu).
This project is made in adobe illustrator, photoshop and after effects.
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