A school project from February 2021. The assignment was to make a typography poster with a "historical" font. When they told us historical they ment like a font that is a classic that has been around for a longer time.
The poster contains informational text about the font, also the creator of the font and the year it was released. The text would be informational and not super long, it was gonna fit in a poster and not take up the whole frame. I decided to make a simple and clean poster, something that I would hang on my wall in my home. I also wanted some colour in the poster. 
This project was made in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. With a little help of a Intuos Wacom M.
Mockups for you to see what the poster would look like in someones home up on their wall. You also get to see what it looks like with decorations and the interior. 

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