Hellooo, my name is Josefin Eldh and I am a graphic and digital designer who lives in central Gothenburg. I have a degree in IP Graphical Production & Design from Yrgo and are currently studying Digital Content Design at Medieinstitutet here in Gothenburg.

I work with both digital design and print production. I have experience in the Adobe Suite – mostly: InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator but also Adobe XD, Premiere Pro and After Effects. I like to create layout, do branding, illustration and to be creative in many ways.

Degree: IP Graphical Production & Design, Yrgo, 2020–2022
Two internship periods (LIA), total of 24 weeks.

Studying: Digital Content Design, Medieinstitutet, 2022–2024
Two internship periods (LIA), total of 26 weeks.
If you want to know more about me or have any questions you can contact me on josefineldh@gmail.com, I also have an instagram for some more content and projects @eldh_design :)
You can also contact me on my school mail: josefin.eldh@medieinstitutet.se
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