A school group project from September of 2023. For this assignment we were in groups of four. The brief was to brand and create a small real estate company, and to make some kind of content for them. Our group came up with Contain Houses, a sustainable and inexpensive choice for a home.
If you want to know more about the project you can scroll down to the bottom of the page where I've written about the project in more detail. 
Contain Houses website, landing page.
Instagram campaign. (Left) post will be posted before launch, to build up excitement. And (right) post will be a launching post for Contain Houses. 
Today the housing market isn't for everyone, unfortunately. The prices for houses are rising and it's more difficult to get a loan. We also live in a world where the temperature is rising at record speed and natural disasters happens way too often. According to UNHCR, roughly 20 million people are fleeing because of the climate. In 2050 it's predicted that there will be a total of 216 million climate refugees. We want to make an effort for the environment and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle, and give people more freedom. We want to offer an alternative to the sky-high housing prices and provide more people
the opportunity to have a place to call home.
By reusing containers to build houses, we can give people an opportunity for a real home, to a reasonable price. For the people. For freedom. For the future.
Currently, there are not many container houses in Sweden, which makes it a unique opportunity for us. We see the potential as these houses are already more common in the US and Canada.
Container houses can be both environmentally friendly and a better choice for the wallet, by making use of already existing material. A used 40ft container of 28.2 square meters has a cost of approximately SEK 34,000. This means that you could combine five containers and you would get roughly the same area as in a medium-sized villa, which is 150 square meters for just SEK 170,000. Containers are also built to handle stormy seas, rough journeys on bad roads, in sun, as well as being loaded on and off on different transportations. 
“Everyday stories for everyday people.” Is our vision for this project. It's such a strong quote that it becomes a clear tag-line. We decided the vision when we started thinking who we wanted to reach, the targeted group. We wanted to highlight the "everyday person", the person who doesn't have the same possibility to afford a big expensive house but still wants a home. 
“Creating sustainable house dreams for the people.” Is our mission, what we want to accomplish. We want the targeted group of people to feel that it's more than just a house.
Sustainability, availability and freedom is our three core values. As mentioned earlier we want to make these houses better for the environment, therefor sustainability. The houses should be able for all, whoever you are and your economic situation, therefor availability. And lastly freedom to show that with a container house you have a lot of options to do what you want, you can create a container house in many different ways. 
We came up with the name Contain because it has a clear connection to the company and what we are doing. With our colours and image choices we wanted to create a warm, cozy/home and sustainable feeling/vibe. With the logo, we wanted to create something simple but still something connected to the company and containers. 
The color choices we came up with were two shades of green, "Forest green", a dark green color and a
lighter named “Olive green”, to represent sustainability. Then we also had a "Rust Orange" orange that should
resemble rust-colored metal. And finally a "Sand Beige" that highlights a warm but
also a modern feel.
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