My final project in school (examensarbete) before graduating, from December 2023–January 2024. I decided to rebrand and update the design for an application called Goodreads. When I downloaded the app last year I immediately noticed a few things that I thought could improve. So I took it upon myself and decided to make a prototype for the application, how I would have done it. Of course for this project I also did a lot of research, especially about the users and their needs for a better user experience. 

I for example sent out a Google form to some of the users and got a lot of replies, that proved my suspicion about the app and it's lack of an update. Apparently the design has been the same for a long time. Also a lot of members agree with each other and desperately want an update, because it's so outdated and difficult to use.   

So for this project I rebranded the company and then I made a prototype for the application in Adobe XD.
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